Opera launches the world’s only 100% Instant-Play video exchange

Sofia | Aug 03, 2020


The two hottest areas of mobile advertising today are mobile video and programmatic buying. So what happens when you put the two of them together – and then add in key elements to also ensure brand safety and the highest level of video quality?

That is what we are introducing today: the addition of Instant-Play™ HD video to the Opera Select private marketplace, creating a truly unique programmatic opportunity in the market.

In March, we announced Opera’s premium programmatic offering, Opera Select, a private marketplace (PMP) that is open only to select bidders, with access to early-session impressions – at both fixed and variable pricing – in premium, high-value environments. In the five months since its introduction, we’ve successfully facilitated rich-media display campaigns with advanced targeting and preferred access to the apps and sites of premium publishers.

But display impressions were just the beginning.  Now we’re adding access to a rich pool of full-screen mobile video impressions to Opera Select. And it’s not just any video: Instant-Play™ HD video, with lightning-fast loading time and crisp HD quality, provides a superior sight, sound and motion experience for the advertiser, the publisher, and, most importantly, the consumer.

Watch this side-by-side comparison between Instant-Play™ and streaming video to see the difference in load time and overall user experience:

To make Instant-Play™ HD video available to Opera Select buyers, we’ve partnered with Adelphic, a leading mobile-first demand-side platform (DSP). Once invited to Opera Select, buyers can now use their seat on Adelphic to access the world’s only Instant-Play™ video exchange.

The mobile programmatic space as a whole is estimated to nearly double this year, rising 88.4% to $8.36 billion, or 57% of total mobile display ad spending in the U.S. – a share that is expected to reach 68% in 2016. As more premium publishers move their inventory into private marketplaces and programmatic-direct setups, we’re going to see the shift become even more pronounced.

Within mobile, the mobile video category is on a tear, projected to grow 3X faster than desktop through 2020. Opera Select with Instant-Play™ combines the power of programmatic with the vast opportunity in mobile video, thus providing an exponential amount of value for both advertisers and publishers.

Excited about Instant-Play™ HD video on Opera Select? Be in touch via [email protected]

And watch for new additions to Opera Select, including Instant-Feed™ Native Display – coming soon.

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