Unifying Under the AdColony Brand Name

Sofia | Aug 28, 2020

Today, we announced that starting in January 2017, Opera Mediaworks will unify under the AdColony brand name, allowing us to have one voice and presence as we kick off the new year.

As the recent sale of the Opera ASA’s namesake consumer browser necessitated a move away from the Opera Mediaworks name, we’ve chosen to unify under a brand within the company already well-known to much of the market: AdColony.

The new AdColony will bring together the brand, performance and publishing business under a single name, while continuing our commitment to quality mobile advertising experiences that deliver outcomes fueled by creativity and data science.

The upcoming rebrand will not bring changes to our clients and partners — you will continue to receive the very best mobile advertising products and services from us. Although the AdColony business has been mainly associated with mobile video advertising in the past, the new AdColony in 2017 will encompass all areas of the former Opera Mediaworks and AdColony business, including rich media display, streaming video, Instant-Play™ video, and all associated technologies and ad formats across our programmatic marketplace.

We’ll continue to leverage our deep SDK footprint among the world’s top mobile app publishers as we curate Today’s Primetime for advertisers. Combining our mobile creative expertise and data-science-driven technologies with these next-generation media companies has proven to be incredibly powerful, and we’re excited to release further game-changing offerings across our platform over the next year.

Stay tuned as we unveil more of our new look in 2017, starting with a new website and refreshed materials!

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