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July 3rd, 2020

Opera Mediaworks and comScore release native video study

New native video effectiveness study for auto-playing, in-feed environments from brands like Adidas, Carl’s Jr., Disney, History and more

Campaign results show that top brands which most closely follow Opera Mediaworks’ creative best practices for native mobile video saw a 2x increase in purchase intent over the rest of the study.

In Q1 2015, Opera Mediaworks launched the "Native Video Fund", a partnership that allowed leading advertisers and their agencies to produce purpose-built, mobile-first native video ad creative guided by Opera Mediaworks’ data-driven, creative best practices. These mobile-first campaigns were run in auto-playing, in-feed environments. . Opera Mediaworks and comScore analyzed mobile campaigns from Carl’s Jr., HISTORY (Vikings), Adidas, GM (OnStar), Lenovo, the United States Navy, Machine Zone (Game of War), Disney (Cinderella) and Spike TV (Framework).

Key Results:

Findings from the study showed that purpose-built, native video ads drove significant lift and outperformed comScore mobile norms across key upper and lower funnel brand metrics. When isolating campaigns to those that most closely followed creative best practices for native mobile video, results were remarkably higher, in particular, with lower-funnel metrics tied to converting users to actual consumers.

Key takeaways about purpose-built, native mobile video ads:

  • Enable access to new, premium video inventory for advertisers
  • Drive significant lift for upper and lower funnel metrics
  • Outperform mobile norms in driving action and engagement
  • Deliver greatest results when creative best practices are closely followed
  • Are a growing part of a comprehensive mobile video marketing mix to achieve
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