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Sofia | Aug 03, 2020

Where art and technology call home

Opera House is more than 60 creative innovators and mobile marketing masterminds spread across the globe. We create solutions and services to serve your campaign goals in a premium environment.

Serving the global regions of North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, our teams engage with creative and media agencies to deliver brand stories. Our new formats include native and short-form video, as well as mobile’s native functions: camera, gyroscope, vibration and location.

Our designers are always hungry to create bespoke campaigns, why not speak to your friendly Opera Mediaworks contact about what we can do for your brand.

Creative Innovation is a part of our DNA at Opera Mediaworks. The global Opera House team has pioneered media firsts in video, gyro, location, social media and camera-based mobile advertisements. Every day is a fresh opportunity to experiment with new ideas, and to find novel ways to connect brands with consumers in deeper and more meaningful ways on mobile.

Take a look at some examples of why Opera House has earned a global reputation for effective, creative and innovative ad executions.

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