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Opera Mediaworks expands mobile ad platform to offer complete marketing automation solution for app developers

Opera Mediaworks today announced a substantial expansion to its offerings with the addition of a marketing automation platform that will enable game and app developers to not only monetize their mobile properties to their best potential, but also drive more retention and engagement with their users.

This expansion is delivered through a new platform leveraging the assets of AdColony, Opera Mediaworks and the team from Yvolver, which recently became a part of Opera Mediaworks.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the Yvolver team has built a marketing engagement platform focused on delivering powerful technology and tools for game and app developers. This move will help developers drive higher retention and engagement in their apps, ultimately maximizing their monetization from advertising, in-app purchases, cross-promotion and premium offerings.

This new offering will be integrated into the Opera Mediaworks and AdColony SDKs, delivering the highest quality in-app mobile advertising, featuring Instant-Play™ HD mobile video technology, this Fall and will be live with the product in Q4 2015 with select partners.

The combined offering for game developers will now include fully-integrated analytics, A/B Testing, Advanced Player Segmentation, IAP Validation, digital and physical rewards with a proprietary real-time overlay system providing dynamic UIs and messaging that look and feel completely native to the end user.

"Our vision has always been to help developers with their strategic goals of driving strong engagement, retention and to maximize monetization while balancing the highest-quality user experience," says Will Kassoy, CMO, Opera Mediaworks. "Mobile app lifecycles are getting longer and, among top grossing apps, we see the 'big getting bigger'. To address these trends, we are expanding our platform beyond just ad monetization but to include tools to drive deeper engagement and retention to keep their customers coming back for more."

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