Ad Serving & Mediation |

July 3rd, 2020

Admarvel is the No. 1 choice of mobile ad server and meditation platform for today's premium publishers

Instant global ad supply from over 120 integrated and certified demand partners, plus Opera’s own premium mobile ad networks, performance division and ad exchange.


Simplified implementation with a single SDK

Enables customers to source from multiple buyers, consolidate reporting into one interface and manage allocations from a central dashboard.

It does co-bundle certified 3rd-party SDKs as opposed to recommended server-side implementation.

AdMarvel Automated Mediation Optimizer (AMO)

Automatically channel site traffic towards top performing ad networks and select (low priority) direct campaigns.

This can lead to higher revenues by first filling ad requests with the highest eCPM rate.

Enable the AMO feature for all revenue-generating ad networks across geographical regions.

Campaign management

Create, integrate, deliver and manage direct-sold and house ad campaigns, serving display, rich media and video. Our full suite of campaign management tools allow you to upload creative and run campaigns with rich targeting, fully control campaigns and ads (schedule, prioritize, pause, etc.) and manage business rules such as campaign value, impression, click and frequency capping.

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