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Sofia | Jan 15, 2021


Are you looking for the best organic and herb-infused products to support your health and wellness?

Welcome to Vici Wellness – a company that gets you the right vibe for your nourished life. Offering a range of products based on pure and natural ingredients, Vici Wellness believes in making everyone healthy and energetic. Importantly, all the products from Vici Wellness are made of customized herb-infused ingredients to support your body’s nourishment and structure. Who doesn’t want to attain the best version of oneself by choosing the most natural and pure products at reasonable rates?

About Vici Wellness:

Vici Wellness was born as the result of struggle and hard work done by Kymbirley and Jennifer for over 6 years. The duo believes in finding a unique and interesting way to give back to society by launching a range of beautiful products based on simple and easy-to-use parameters for lasting benefits. The ladies hope to provide a trustworthy range of products with affordable access to meet all unique needs and preferences. The products by Vici Wellness are developed to deliver broad and targeted impacts. Additionally, the products utilize only natural renewable resources.                           

Additionally, the company aims to continue its stride to develop a user-friendly and remarkable range of products to help people achieve better health and wellness. Also, the products are made to educate and aware people across the globe to learn and acknowledge relevant and transparent information related to make the best possible choices for health and well-being.

At Vici Wellness, efforts are put to offer a wide selection of natural products made with extraordinary quality and appeal. The passionate team of Vici Wellness offers products made from natural and earthy elements as the potential solution for all health issues. So, why to look for alternative solutions to meet your health resolutions?

Why choose Vici Wellness?

Authentic Sourced

All the ingredients used by Vici Wellness are of the highest quality. The company uses ingredients from the US organically farmed and non-GMO plants. Even, the extraction methods adhere to the strictest operating and safety procedures. Also, all the products by Vici Wellness are third-party tested for purity and quality.

 Modern Adaptogenic Technology

Using the science and knowledge of traditional as well as the modern world, Vici Wellness uses adaptogens for its production line. Adaptogens are kind of herbs primarily dominant in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Studies have proven that adaptogens non-specifically enhance the human body’s resistance power even under a lot of external stress conditions. Main contributors of Vici Wellness products include Ashwagandha, passionflower, lemon, Chamomile flower, green tea extract, lavender buds, magnolia bark, Rhodiola Rosea extract, and valerian root.

Product Range:

Vici Wellness offers a range of products that can be categorized by their desired effects. Choose from a wide selection of gift cards, sets, topical, and patches to cater to individual needs and expectations. All the products by Vici Wellness are safe, tested pure and based on plants. Enjoy money-back guarantee across its product line and stay assured of its great quality.

Benefits of Using Vici Wellness Products:

Thinking of why to use products from Vici Wellness? Why has the company garnered a niche market in such a short time span? Well, there are a number of benefits of using Vici Wellness products; let’s learn about them in brief:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Helps in regaining attention
  • Cuts down anxiety levels
  • Useful for migraines
  • Keeps PMS in control
  • Boosts immunity
  • All Natural Products
  • Certified by USA authority

How to Use Vici Wellness Patches?

Wellness patches are designed to offer you instant relief and result in the targeted area. Vici patches come with the natural ingredients to serve your skincare needs.

  • Make sure the chosen area is clean and free of any lotion or hair
  • Peel the patch from the paper
  • Apply the patch on your skin for 8-10 hours
  • Important step: cut the patch to the required dosage

Pricing, Payment & Shipping

Vici wellness patches come at pocket-friendly prices starting from $10. All the orders from Vici Wellness can be made online by paying the prices mentioned on the website via credit cards. All orders above $40 are liable for free shipping and Vici Wellness Coupons help you grab the latest deals. The manufacturer assures 100% satisfaction guarantee; however, there are adequate provisions for a refund and return as well. Therefore, it is important to go through the details listed on the website prior to placing an order.

Vici Wellness’s Social Mission

Interestingly, the company is committed to fulfilling its social mission by paying a percentage of its profits towards various charity institutions.

The Final thoughts

In today’s disease-stricken world, it is proven that health is the real wealth. Choosing and finding the best natural ingredients for all your health products assure best results when it comes to proper nourishment and radiance. So, have a considerate buy when it comes to your health.

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