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OperaMediaWorks Team | Jan 09, 2021

For tech lovers, there is a great need of having VR headsets. These are suitable for experiencing an amazing VR experience while gaming. But after using these headsets for a longer time, it becomes sweaty and a little oily which makes it difficult to share with anyone. Keeping hygiene issues in mind, VR Cover is engrossed in offering an incredible and high-quality range of covers for VR headsets. This brand has come up with the idea of creating covers of the VR headset to absorb the foam and clean it properly.

VR Cover aims at improving your VR experience by offering a hygiene range of headset covers that are easy to use and disposable. It’s one of the best brands that have designed the products keeping improved functionality and ease of application in mind.

What makes you choose VR Cover Review?

VR Cover has introduced the best and wide range of disposable, easy to use hygiene solutions for VR headsets. If you don’t want to share your sweaty headsets with anyone then you can tackle this problem by covering headsets with suitable covers. These are perfect for maintaining a hygiene level while playing on RV systems. Let’s learn more about the products of this brand in a detailed manner:

  • The covers and accessories are designed with perfection using highly absorbent materials. Because of this quality, these kinds of headset covers have become important for active VR sports.
  • One of the reasons for using the covers of this brand is its better comfort. It comes with foam replacements that you can change anytime as per your requirement. There is thicker cushioning foam that provides a high level of comfort while wearing them during the play.  
  • The VR system lovers will experience an improved gaming experience with these covers. You just need to install this cover in the headsets and you’re good to witness an excellent VR experience.
  • If you are choosing these covers for your VR headsets then you don’t need to worry about their cleaning. It’s easy to wipe because of its waterproof attribute. Also, you’ll get long-lasting hygiene by using them for your gaming sessions. 
  • You must have noticed those marks on your face after extended use of the VR headsets. By using VR headset covers and related accessories, you can easily avoid all these marks and pressure on your face.
  • If you have got defective or damaged products from this brand then you can easily go for the option of returns or exchanges.

What you can shop at VR Cover?

At VR Cover, you will get multiple options of VR headset covers for different models and brands of VR systems. Its product range includes headset covers for Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, and many more. Apart from these, you can also buy some amazing and affordable VR Accessories such as foam replacement set, Valve index cover, VR tribute jersey, and many more.

VR Cover Pricing:

VR cover foam replacement sets are available from the prices ranging from $19-$38. Oculus rift foam replacement velour cost you $29. Foam replacement basic set with the value index interface is available at $39. VR Cover Coupons will help you save more money on all VR accessories purchases from various eCommerce stores. 

The final word

VR Cover is a one-stop destination where you can buy hygiene and durable range of VR headsets covers. The products of this brand come with numerous features such as waterproof, ease of cleaning, and easy replacement of the foam. Through this VR Cover review, you will get to know more about the brand and its products.

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