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Android makes strong headway in “feature phone” Africa
Opportunities arise for commerce, ad revenue and unique data plans

San Mateo, Calif. – February 19, 2015

Africa is poised to become a hotbed for mobile growth and commerce in the coming years, according to Opera Mediaworks’ State of Mobile Advertising report released today. Mobile is the driving force behind the continent’s accelerating internet adoption. Read more...

Smartphone growth in Asia boosts expansion of the first mobile ad platform built for brands
Opera Mediaworks sees big potential in the continent as brands, agencies and publishers shift to marketing on mobile

Singapore – February 4, 2014

With smartphone adoption, mobile ad impression and mobile broadband penetration on the rise, Opera Mediaworks announced today its plans to expand in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region. Read more...

Report: Apple still commands highest ad revenue, despite Android’s growing traffic
Rich-media and video ads, plus strong demand for app installs, keeps iOS on top

San Mateo, Calif. – February 3, 2014

Android captured the majority (63%) of mobile ad traffic in Q4, but Apple retained its lead in revenue generation, according to the State of Mobile Advertising report released today by Opera Mediaworks. Read more...

Opera Mediaworks launches the Native Video Fund – a multi-million dollar creative fund designed to facilitate and inspire mobile-first storytelling with video
Over 15 global brands as well as creative and media agencies partner for launch in Q1 2015

San Mateo, Calif. – Jan 30, 2015

Opera Mediaworks today announced the launch of the Native Video Fund, a program devoted to answering the digital advertising industry’s need for a mobile-first approach to video creative. The Fund, supported by an alliance of top global brands and agencies, provides financial backing for the production and placement of mobile video campaigns in premium, in-app native video environments powered by Opera’s AdColony Instant-PlayTM HD video technology. Read more...

Opera Mediaworks UK Mobile Audience Insight report reveals what your smartphone says about you

London – Jan 21, 2015

Brands can now reach specific target groups based on users’ handsets and their app and mobile web browsing habits, according to a new report out today. The first part of the UK Mobile Audience Insight report by Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, is designed to guide brands’ mobile advertising strategies. Read more...

First beacon technology alliance helps advertisers buy smarter
Signal360, ROXIMITY, Pulsate, Pinpoint Mobile among companies in new Opera Mediaworks Strategic Beacon Alliance

San Mateo, Calif., and Mumbai, India – Jan 20, 2015

The first multi-company partnership of beacon technology companies, announced today by the Opera Mediaworks Innovation Lab, aims to help advertisers improve mobile-media targeting, audience segmentation and measuring, thus making their buying smarter. Read more...

Opera Mediaworks launches native ad exchange for mobile
Assortment of premium mobile publishers participating, including ZeptoLab

San Mateo, Calif. – Jan 13, 2015

To meet the growing demand for premium native advertising opportunities in mobile, Opera Mediaworks today introduced a global, native ad exchange for the buying and selling of seamless, integrated advertising experiences on mobile devices — all within an exclusive, private environment. Read more...

Mobile shoppers prefer Sundays, new report finds
Opera looks at how global consumers use mobile devices to shop online and which mobile advertisers capture consumers' attention

San Mateo, Calif. - December 8, 2014

A new report from Opera reveals how global consumers use their mobile devices to shop online. It breaks down mobile shopping trends by time of year, days of the week and geography, and showcases the top mobile sites and advertisers of this holiday season. Read more...

African expansion for world’s largest mobile advertising platform
Opera Mediaworks acquires AdVine

San Mateo, Calif. and Cape Town – December 2, 2014

Global and local advertisers can now reach millions of consumers in Africa, following Opera Mediaworks’ acquisition of AdVine, South Africa’s leading premier mobile-advertising network. Read more...

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IAB Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) Compliance Seal IAB Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions Compliance Seal IAB Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions Compliance Seal
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